Charge 3 Apple devices with this $19 cable


TL;DR: As of Aug. 27, you can get the three-in-one USB-C, iPhone, and Apple Watch Lightning charging cable for just $18.99 (reg. Mashable’s Shop offers a $39.99 price tag, a 52% discount. One option is to have one charger for all of your tech. The three-in-1 USB-C, iPhone and Apple Watch Lightning cable is a great option for iOS users. It’s also 52% cheaper. If you add an Apple Watch to the mix, that’s 3 separate chargers. Unless you own one of these. This cable has connectors for Lightning USB-C and Apple Watch. It can power all three devices. This 48-inch cable has three heads and is made of a durable material that will put the fraying Apple cables to shame. It’s important to consider the build quality when using one cable across multiple devices. This cable is heat resistant and made of nylon braid, TPE plastic and aluminum. It’s also lightweight and the charger heads are only split near the end of the cable to prevent tangles. You should only bring one charger for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, whether you’re packing for vacation or preparing for a busy workday.

For limited time only, the three-in-1 USB-C, iPhone and Apple Watch Lightning charger is on sale for just $18.99. $39). Prices are subject to change.