CBS Anchor Can’t Keep Straight Face Over Kevin McCarthy’s Shutdown Claim


CBS’ Margaret Brennan scoffed at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) claim that Democrats “tried to do everything” to force a shutdown of the federal government.

“Face The Nation” host Brennan laughed at McCarthy as he attempted to pin the blame on Democrats — and not hardline House Republicans who stalled on the bill with their demands for spending cuts — for the last-minute nature of the bill.

“I wasn’t sure it was going to pass,” admitted McCarthy on Sunday.

“You want to know why? Because the Democrats tried to do everything they can not to let it pass,” he claimed.

“Democrats were the ones who voted for this in a larger number than Republicans to keep the continuing resolution alive,” she responded.

“Did you watch the floor yesterday?” McCarthy asked.

“Oh, yes,” Brennan said, before noting that “90 Republicans voted against it.”

Late Saturday, President Joe Biden signed the last-ditch, temporary bill to fund the government until Nov. 17.