Burmese hip-hop artist sentenced to 20 years for criticising Myanmar’s military leadership


On Thursday, 38-year-old Burmese hip-hop artist Byu Har was sentenced to 20 years in prison for purportedly critiquing the present military-administered state. The Associated Press was informed of the verdict by a family member. The rapper used inflammatory language in a deleted livestream posted on his Facebook page. In the caption of the video, the rapper revealed his address. Authorities interpreted this as a direct indication to take action if any issues arose from the content posted. The power outages were then reduced to four hours each day. However, the electricity disruptions have intensified the economic challenges initially set in motion by the military’s seizure of power.

Following the military’s assumption of control in February 2021, the junta has detained numerous individuals as a part of its sweeping campaign to suppress opposition, as highlighted by a local surveillance entity. Har’s recent ruling is the latest example of this campaign.