Brian Snitker was asleep at the wheel again


The symmetry of

is astonishing. Three days were missing from the exact date one year later. Brian Snitker either didn’t want to press the trigger fast enough, or he fell asleep. The Phillies then teed off a pitcher that shouldn’t be on the mound. This shifted the division series from a Phillies 2-1 lead to Atlanta facing a hungry Citizens Bank Park in order to get it back to White Flight Condos and Resort. How bad historically is Joey Gallo? Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

98 (99 MPH) and striking out three. From jump street, it was clear that Strider had lost velocity in the third inning. In the third inning, his first pitch was 95 MPH. This sounds fantastic, but it was a far cry from what Strider used to throw. He walked him in four pitches. It took him eight pitches, a total of 96 pitches to get Jean Segura out. Bryson Stott then smashed a ball against the wall to score a double. Strider was there to allow J.T. to play. Realmuto’s hit to Saturn’s moon was the final blow, as the game was already loose. With Strider coming off an injury and not having pitched in a month, he was not a top-of-the-rotation

guy. And especially in the Division Series, where one game can and will pivot the whole thing, any starter who is not a top-of-the-rotation

guy should be aimed for no more than going through the lineup twice. That’s it. It’s not the time to be a dick. All players in the ‘pen need to be alert. Nine outs is an excellent outing. When Striders’ velocity dropped, it was time to move on. To yesterday. Thanks to Charlie Morton’s injury, Snitker had to turn to Bryce Elder, who is definitely a back-of-the-rotation starter. Elder’s inclusion in the starting lineup twice was a miracle for everyone at Defcon 5, and more so, considering what happened to him last year. They have a Strider at full strength ready for Game 4 where the match is going to change.

Elder had the first six outs. That would be a great start for him in this situation. In order to begin the third inning, someone must be ready in ‘pen. But…no. Nick Castellanos smashed a home run to the left, and Brandon Marsh then doubled on a baseball that was tagged with 105 MPH. Thank you for playing, everyone. This game can’t be allowed to get out of hand.

Snitker says Elder got Rojas, Schwarber, and Trea Turner out of the water, but that was too deep. Trea and Bryce Harper were next. If it goes wrong, the game’s over. One hanging slider was enough to make it go wrong. Orlando Arcia is now the target of staredowns:Third inn, Philadelphia, series 1-1 tied, starter loses grip on the ledge and Snitker sits on his hands. Snitker’s appearance is also a plus, as he looks like a Bob’s Burgers character who somehow made it into the real world. This gives the impression that he’s dope. Snitker does not do drugs. Atlanta wouldn’t have been as good as it has been in the last few seasons without Snitker. This is the second time,

in exactly the same place,

he has been his own iceberg. Compare that to Torey lovullo pulling Brandon Pfaadt from the game last night, even though he had only given up two hits. It’s not the time to wait for guys to work their way out of a jam as they would in the regular-season. Otherwise, the bomb could go off. It’s even more important when the No. Bryce Harper hits two HRs, stares down Orlando ArciaSticking with Atlanta,

that Arcia’s postgame trash-talking of Bryce Harper was part of a clubhouse celebration and not meant for the press got to the press. Bryce Harper hits two HRs, stares down Orlando Arcia

Sticking with Atlanta,

that Arcia’s postgame trash they were pretty testy-talking of Bryce Harper that was part of a clubhouse celebration and not meant for the press got to the press. Harper would probably have still kicked them up to the ears in Game 3 given his desire to make up for his slip-up at the end Game 2. As it were, this is the hot sauce that goes on top of the pizza. There is a period after the match when the media are not in the clubhouse. You can say anything you want. You get what you deserve if you yell loudly and repeatedly in front of the press when they are present at the clubhouse. It’s not difficult to solve the equation. It’s awkward for the media to be privy of everything that happens in the locker room. It’s not off the record, but it isn’t either. It’s not as if the journalists sneak into the room in ninja costumes and stick themselves to the ceiling in order to be invisible, or install bugging devices. Arcia’s problem is that he couldn’t shut it off when there were prying eyes around. It was Arcia’s fault that he was sent three miles beyond the right-field wall.

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