As predicted, Dolphins-Chargers was the buried gem of Week 1


The Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers delivered a thrilling late Sunday afternoon thriller that lived up to its hype as the

game most people weren’t able to watch. Does Jalen’s contract hurt or help Lamar Jackson? | Agree to DisagreeMiami finished off the Chargers, 36-34, as their defense stepped up to lock down a victory on the road. Tua Tagovailoa, however, was the star of this game. He was the star of the game, and he proved to me (and many others) that the Dolphins made the right choice in selecting him for the 2020 NFL Draft.

It’s only the first game of the year, but many analysts will likely rank


among the league’s top QBs moving forward. The teams exchanged the lead several times in this back-and forth battle. This was the game I said everyone should watch in Week 1, even though it was on the late afternoon schedule. The majority of people will only watch the highlights but will be fascinated once they have. While the teams fought closely throughout the match, Herbert’s overall performance was mediocre. This was not the performance of a man worth 262 million dollars. He only completed 69 per cent of his passes, but he had one TD and 228 yard. Tagovailoa won this game after winning the head-to-head match. Last year, Herbert and the Chargers beat each other 23-17. I would love to see both teams play again in a divisional or wildcard round in the postseason after today’s shootout. Anytime Tua and Herbert are the main attraction, this will be a must-see television. It would have been better if they were in the same division so that we could get two heavyweight fights from them every year. Tagovailoa and Herbert likely stole the show during Week 1. It’s time that the NFL put these two in front of primetime for their next matchup.

That draft class for 2020 is starting to look one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. All four players have made their mark in the NFL. Burrow, Hurts and Herbert all made the Pro Bowl in their first three seasons. Burrow and Hurts led their respective teams to Super Bowls in consecutive seasons. Tagovailoa is on the right track if the Dolphins can keep him upright. The league thrives despite the absence of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.