Arcane May Make Its Grand Return in Late 2024


Netflix’s Arcane hit at just the right time when it first came onto the scene in 2021. Based on Riot Games long running and very popular MOBALeague of Legends , the show won over critics as well as audiences with its animation and writing. It was no surprise that the show’s second season was approved, as it was released at a time when Riot was introducing various spin-offs of

During a recent Video V Vision Conference hosted by Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games, a graphic of Arcane was shown. This graphic, which was translated, confirmed that the show would return in winter of 2024. Fans of the franchise have since speculated that it’ll officially make its debut in November–the first season began airing on November 6, 2021, which would have the two seasons rhyme. It’s also the same time as the 15th birthday ofLeague Of Legends the game, which was first released on October 27th 2009. If true, it’d be smart to time Arcane’s second season with the important milestone of its mothership franchise.Information on

Arcane’s second season has been as quiet as Silco is dead, with the only real bit of news coming from Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent in April. He said that animation studio Fortiche is “making progress” but the show won’t hit this year. He admitted that the team was not prepared for Arcane to be such a big sensation. Laurent said, “We didn’t know whether season two would be a hit. The Arcane showrunners Christian linke and Alex Yee hinted that season two would feature flashbacks, and shed more light on the romance between Jinx (Ella Purnell), and Ekko, (Reed Shannon). The new season will be centered around the central trio consisting of Jinx (Ella Purnell), Vi (Hailee Steinfeld), and Caitlyn (). Want more io9 News? Check out when to expect the latest

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