Apple Watch Series 9 'Double Tap' is hot, but these 5 features are flaming


It’s a little too much attention. But it’s getting a little bit too much of the spotlight.

Yes, it’s awesome that you can use the new Apple Watch without actually touching it by tapping your fingers together. Did you know that the new watches have a better processing power, a more useful Siri and a smaller environmental footprint?

If you didn’t, now is the time to find out. Here are some of the underrated features on Apple Watch Series 9.


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1. Apple’s new S9 Processor

The simplest of these additions that we will discuss is the most underrated: Apple has given the new watches the S9 processor. The new S9 processor will make the watches faster and hopefully have a better battery life. We can’t say how much better the performance is until we try it, but we won’t say no to an increase in performance.

2. Siri is finally untethered

Another feature the new processor enables is on-device Siri functionality. Siri was previously only available by (wirelessly tethering) your Apple Watch to your iPhone. All Siri processing took place on the iPhone, and then relayed back to the Apple Watch. Siri can be used on Apple Watch even if you don’t have a phone near. Speech dictation seems to be even better.

3. Better ultra-wideband

Apple updated the ultra-wideband chip in the Apple Watch Series 9, which will surely be a boon to people who love to lose things. The ultra-wideband chips allows the watch’s location and tracking of other nearby devices. The Find My feature should be more accurate than previous Apple Watches. However, without extensive hands-on experience, it’s difficult to know how much better the new functionality is. Leather is out. Apple Watch Series 9 is the first device to be carbon-neutral. The aluminum case was made from recycled materials. Devices are made with clean electricity. And perhaps most importantly, no accessories will use leather. Apple’s first device to abandon leather in favor of “FineWoven,” a suede-like fabric, is the first in a larger initiative. It’s a silly name but for a great cause.

5. Ultra detailed watch face

Exclusively on the new Apple Watch Ultra 2, there’s a new watch face that takes advantage of that particular device’s bigger display. This watch face is


detailed and thorough, showing things like altitude, depth, temperature, and directional heading. This display has a maximum brightness of 3,000 Nits, so you can still see it in bright sunlight. This stuff is great if you’re an adventurer.

6. (Bonus)… The most important feature…The Apple Watch Series 9 can tell the time. What is it that watches are supposed to do? Let’s not overlook the most important feature.