Afghanistan-Pakistan border dispute escalates as both countries allege indiscriminate attacks on border guards


Afghanistan’s and Pakistani’s border dispute over Torkham Border Crossing erupted over the weekend, as both Pakistani and Afghani claimed that the other fired indiscriminately on border patrols. Pakistan closed the Torkham Border Crossing at the end of last week, alleging Afghanistan had built unapproved buildings along the border. The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on Saturday that said:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers the closing of Torkham Gate and the opening of fire against Afghan security forces as actions against good neighbors. The government of Pakistan closed the Torkham gate following the Pakistani security forces opened fire on the Afghan security forces while they were busy repairing an old security post having been built several years back.

The statement went on to condemn the closure, stating that it was negatively affecting trade and commerce and that it was also blocking travelers from attending important family events.

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry (PFM) responded to the AMFA statement Monday, writing:

Pakistan cannot accept the construction of any structures by Interim Afghan Government inside its territory since these violate its sovereignty. On the 6th of September, instead of a peaceful resolution, Afghan troops resorted to indiscriminate firing, targeting Pakistan military posts, damaging the infrastructure at the Torkham Border Terminal, and putting the lives of both Pakistani and Afghan civilians at risk, when they were stopped from erecting such unlawful structures.

PFM spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch stated during a

Friday, “The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan should be a border of peace and amity between the countries.”weekly press briefingThe Torkham Border crossing is the busiest border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan has temporarily closed the border several times, most recently in 2021 after the Taliban seized territory on the Afghanistan side of the border crossing during the offensive that led to Taliban control of Afghanistan.

The Torkham border clashes occurred mere hours after a group of militants crossed from Afghanistan into Pakistan, allegedly attacking two Pakistani security outposts, with the militants then crossing the border back into Afghanistan. The attacks were claimed by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. Afghanistan denies that the alleged attack originated in Afghanistan. Voice of America (VOA), according to a Pakistani official, reported that Afghanistan and Pakistan had been meeting in order to resolve border conflicts and concerns about the TTP. The official stated, “

hile they condemn Islamic State terrorists attacks in Pakistan, the Taliban maintains a stoic quiet when the TTP attacks Pakistan.”