5 inspiring home renovation ideas


You don’t have to invest in a huge home improvement like a conversion or an extension to breathe new life into your home and renovate it with style. Importantly, you don’t have to invest in a huge home improvement like a conversion or an extension in order to breathe fresh air into your home and renovate it in style.

Below, we’ve compiled five trendy design ideas we think might inspire your next renovation project…

Inspiration #1: Picture windows

Picture windows are windows with large frames that usually extend from the floor to the ceiling. The frames are fixed, so they cannot be opened. They are also fixed in place, so they can’t be opened. The main reason for getting picture windows is because they provide a lot of natural light. For this reason they are an aesthetic choice that can elevate your space, creating an ‘architectural statement’ in your home.

The key benefits of picture windows include:

Picture of a picture window in living room

Beautiful views of the surrounding landscape

  • Highly customisable, as they can be built to fit specific sizes and shapes
  • Bring in a huge amount of natural light
  • Low possibility of leaks and good insulator in the winter
  • Can make your room seem larger
  • Ultimately, picture windows are a ‘wow’ factor that add a whole lot of visual appeal and light to a space. Picture windows are a great way to connect your home with the outdoors. They do this in a stylish and modern manner. Speak to a window fitter today to request a quote.


Inspiration #2: Broken plan layout

Bring character and style to your home with a broken plan space. The layout is open, but there are still separate zones created by internal windows, partial walls and room dividers. They offer a great compromise between the airy, spacious feel of open plan spaces and the distinct zones of traditional layouts that allow room for different activities in the home.

There are many benefits to choosing a broken plan layout:

A flexible and adaptable space which you can reconfigure easily

Picture of a kitchen in a broken plan home with partial green walls

More privacy than an open plan space

  • Maximises the natural light flowing through
  • Columns, decorative screens and half-walls offer architectural interest
  • However, they are harder to design than other layouts, requiring complex planning to create a seamless balance between privacy and openness. Broken plans may not be suitable for every living space.
  • Broken Plans are a compromise between an open plan and a traditional one. To find out whether your home would be eligible for a broken plan, speak to a skilled builder in your local area today.


Inspiration #3: Extend your living space outdoors

Turning your garden into an outdoor living space is one of the most inspiring ways to make the most of your available space (rather than investing in an expensive extension).

Your garden can become an entertainment hub for you to host parties, set up an outdoor cinema, or even build a cosy fire pit for those chilly nights ahead.

You can create a liveable outdoor space by building a patio or deck in your garden, followed by an awning or pergola on top of it to shelter you from the rain and to create garden privacy. Outdoor furniture is needed to create seating areas. We recommend waterproof furniture you can fix to the garden floor in order to prevent theft. Check out our garden renovation cost guide to find inspiration and more details. Or, speak to a landscaping specialist today to get started on turning your garden into an outdoor haven.


Picture of a outdoor seating area with plants

Inspiration #4: Internal glass doors

Internal glass doors are a great way to combine elegance and functionality. They are a great way to bring light into rooms without windows and create a sense of space. Internal glass doors offer many benefits, including their flexibility in design and their light-enhancing properties. Plus, they fit in well with contemporary, traditional, or even more eclectic interior designs, making them great at meeting the needs of lots of different homeowners.

Find a door fitter near you to get glass doors installed in your home.


Inspiration #5: Walk in wardrobe

Picture of a hallway with wooden floors and internal glass doors

For many homeowners, walk in wardrobes are a dream renovation. Walk in wardrobes are a great way to keep all your items organised and impress guests. With their built-in mirrors and vanity tables they add a touch of luxury and style, not to mention the fact that they can increase your home’s value too.

Check out our blog on walk in wardrobes to find out more about their many benefits, or speak to a skilled carpenter in your local area to get started on turning your standard closet into a walk in one.


These are just five of the many inspiring renovations you can get started on next to give your home a new lease of life! Find a local carpenter to start your next renovation project.